Jul. 9th, 2010

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Okay. Basically, I was living in a large city [I think], I had my own little 1 bedroom apartment, next to a nightclub/pub type thing. I had two bathrooms, one like in hotels between two bedrooms, and one basically led to the club/pub thing. Most of the people in the area were folk I know and get on with online, like yourself and folk from another irc server. Except a large majority of us were vampiric in nature [dislike of sunlight, fangs. occassional blood lust, but still had normal human functions - which explains the toilet]. So it was like a random mutation, at one point my parents are sitting in my flat chatting to me, and someone stumbles in from weird bathroom talking about vampire stuff assuming I'm a vamp so my parents must be, and I'm trying to explain they are "day folk" without saying that, talking and code and stuff. I was also half way through transitioning as well, so kinda on the femme side of androgenous.

^ Subconcious, I love you. I have no idea WHAT you were smoking but I love you
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1) I cant get a full time job [none going where I meet the requirements]
2) I cant get a 2nd part time job as they all insist on a friday or a saturday, and I cannot get my shift changed cause... we're understaffed.
3) I'm still fighting for an increase in hours. This is currently running to 2 months. Doubtful, as employers are trying to cut back on expenses.
4) I cant move back in with parents, transfer took 4 months to get me up here and two resignation letters [will not have same impact, see above]. and what I save on rent and bills will be spent purely on getting too and from work
5) I cant quit work, since then I wouldn't qualify for benefits
6)I cant get fired since then I would just be left to get stressed, trangsty and depressed. Also benefit system is so slow, I'd be homeless before they sorted it.
7) I cant move anywhere cheaper since I cant afford the deposit.
8) Currently so stressed out I sleep for 3 hours a day, before waking up and getting restless.

A Shite State of Affairs indeed.


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