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:reasons why I'm stressed. I have a lot of freaking expenses coming up.
I don't really care for the job at times when I deal with a bunch of muppets one after the other who don't understand anything I'm telling them.
But ultimately I need extra hours as I'm only working 20 hours a week. Its a good rate of pay like £8 and a bit an hour. but on 20 hours a week that will be enough to see me by
On top of that I honest to god need a new wardrobe, I need to start trying to find money from SOMEWHERE to pay for laser or electrolysis otherwise I'm gonna be looking like a man with a pair of tits.
oh and after doing the one thing I swore not to do, I need to start saving up money for when the shit hits the fan as it usually does
I haven't bought food in 2months
and I don't trust in my finances enough to even think about buying more food
so when whats in there is gone, I'm probably not gonna eat all that often
also, tight finances lead to stress and depression... which means I'm worried I'll get fired, and then I'll be left to rot by the NHS cause the standards of care state I need to be in education [which wasn't working out] or working. otherwise I can just fuck off and go crazy
and this is on my mind all the time
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