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Ok, Random updates.
Assassins Creed II: WTF Ubisoft, seriously, strangest ending, ever. EVER!

Force Unleashed: Gah, end mission, I need to do you again, this time I'm going kick Vaders backside rather than the Emperor. With a shiny Gold or Red blade I have decided. Maybe Red, just to see what Red v Red looks like *shrug*.

Mass Effect 2: Ooooh god that's a game with a lot of replay value, kinda, the resource hunt annoys me. The missions all feel different when you have to think tactically, rather than "oh, I'll grab my assault rifle and shoot." At which point I invariably go "oh. NO Assault Rifle. Crap. Shotgun? Too far away." AND opting to go with a pistol... damn you distance and accuracy.

Hmmm Saboteur is fun. GTA + WW2 Paris, and you are one pissed off and vengeful Irishman with a grudge, and a resistance movement that can get you fun weapons. Apparently you can swipe a tank as well >.> I've contented myself with the AA Guns and using Nazi Zeppelin's as target practice.

Work, bite my shiny metal ass, seriously. S fuck you, for taking so long. P fuck you for kicking that back. Now I have a confused D [he's middle grade between both S and P] with a stress risk assessment and an increase of hours request... this MIGHT work to my advantage. You never know.

I have wasted my three day weekend, listening to online radio, gaming and the odd bit of shoe shopping ^.^
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Fucking Awesome.

Can't wait to unlock more goodies in the game. Sorry been distracted by throwing my self off big buildings.
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Too Long, Can't Be Bothered Recapping:
Life is good.
Laptop due Tuesday
GIC meeting Wednesday
Work starts back Thursday.
Classes 10 days later.

kinda worried/curious as to what will be asked and said at the clinic but meh. This is something I think? I want.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic in 2010.

Oh yeah and Mass Effect 2, end of this month.
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 Faithful readers, I do apologise.

I've been so distractable that I havent had a chance to post.

Counselling is going well. Post Traumatic Stress Diagnosis AND she agrees that I may have gender dysphoria counsellor L Is helping write a letter to my GP explaining the issues cause I don't trust them. I just need to be punted to the right "specialists". Normally I'm all for counselling and resolving the issues, but damnit, I want the pills. Otherwise I'll be in for repeat panic attacks, self-loathing (damn that protruberance!), depression.

Somehow I seemed to have chatted to the right people "in normal society"... they do not object to me (woohoo! social acceptance high-five), in fact they LIKE me (dives back under the covers and retreats to Internet-Land).

Still trying to catch my advisor of studies so I can leave my current course and switch to Politics (damn it, why cant I find the time to just say "fuck it" and hunt her down!).

Work is still work... oh right, need to let boss + HR know whats going on before I start growing a chest I suppose. - Will wait till *I* know whats going on. In future, plz-do-not-be-telling-me you put in a complaint about my friend. I wanna tell her but I know it makes things worse.

Huh? My dm session has been postponed twice *dance*. Star Trek + Game Of Thrones was worth it (I won!!!!!)
Still reflecting that while Shade was here, he hung out with goths that made no sense. I hang out with hippy-type people, and "non-gothy awesome people" online, and general strange folks off line. Maybe this is a reflection on us/me.
*looks up* Oh my, thats quite a bit. I promise to update more often.

Enjoy a cup of brown joy (Tea!)

Peace and Love.


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