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Oct. 13th, 2010 01:43 pm
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The average subconscious can throw out some weird and wonderful concepts while you sleep, but really... this takes the cake.
Reality: I'm transitioning [male to female]. Bombed Uni [Computing then Politics] because of several health reasons, and I dislike Apple products [yes, this IS relevant]

Dream. Cis Female or at least more feminine looking and younger looking than I am now, studying what I think was drama related stuff, more behind the scenes I think [so that's about right]. I had random friends that look vaguely familiar from my own memories, [some them weren't even annoying any more!]. This is where it takes a right turn from reality; I was sitting in a lecture, wide awake, taking notes on an iPad [or something that resembled an iPad, it may have been a computer from SG: Atlantis instead, just slimmer]. After the lecture I was cuddled up and having lunch with someone from the US, probably Texan [yes I have a strange thing for accents!]. Also, it was like warm wherever I was and dammit I was happy [if confused by it cause my brain was like, "yeah this isn't right."]

At which point I woke up. I want to go back to sleep, it was warm and fuzzy and ultimately sweet.

Now to go get ready for an early shift at work cause there's a meeting they want me to attend, management patting each other on the backs for being all ace and groovy and that they care about us... while trying to get rid of as many people as they can.
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Okay. Basically, I was living in a large city [I think], I had my own little 1 bedroom apartment, next to a nightclub/pub type thing. I had two bathrooms, one like in hotels between two bedrooms, and one basically led to the club/pub thing. Most of the people in the area were folk I know and get on with online, like yourself and folk from another irc server. Except a large majority of us were vampiric in nature [dislike of sunlight, fangs. occassional blood lust, but still had normal human functions - which explains the toilet]. So it was like a random mutation, at one point my parents are sitting in my flat chatting to me, and someone stumbles in from weird bathroom talking about vampire stuff assuming I'm a vamp so my parents must be, and I'm trying to explain they are "day folk" without saying that, talking and code and stuff. I was also half way through transitioning as well, so kinda on the femme side of androgenous.

^ Subconcious, I love you. I have no idea WHAT you were smoking but I love you


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